Four Generations of Master Craftsmen



Richard Moody and Sons Construction has relationships with a select number of distinguished design professionals who each specialize in a blend of traditional New England architecture and modern functionality. Each architect or design professional has a different style and personality that we will work to match with yours.


Our design professionals carefully incorporate our homeowner’s goals, ideas, and dreams into the final design while ensuring a functional space that meets state and local code and structural requirements. The fun begins when a homeowner can start to see how their ideas and personality are translated from paper to the final product.



The permitting process can be stressful and overwhelming for homeowners and the rules are constantly changing. Richard Moody and Sons works with state and local regulators and code enforcement officials every day and understands the ever-changing requirements for permitting your project. We will handle all permitting and code inspections for your home to ensure that your project is permitted correctly and the construction proceeds smoothly.